MARCH 2002

Orphen: First I want to talk about the new album "War". What differences can your fans expect from your previous album?

Regenerator: WAR is a thematic album, having a more focused concept. Unlike prvious works, the majority of the tracks grew out of one particular song, "Battleground". It was the first song written for this album. We had planned to add it to the European version of Debugged which didn't happen due to the unexpected folding of Zoth Ommog. This turned out to be a good thing because it spawned an entire new theme for WAR.

Orphen: How did the band come up with the name Regenerator? Is there any specific meaning behind it?

Regenerator: We wanted a name with both industrial symbolism as well as positive spiritual connotation. There is only one true Regenerator and we are merely a metaphor.

Orphen: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

Regenerator: Machine with vast emotion. Resembling reality to the extent that it rivals reality. If you're looking for a comparison, a reviewer once suggested that Regenerator sounds like early Front 242 mixed with Enya. We liked that one...

Orphen: Fans continue to be moved by your touching lyrics and melodic sounds song after song. How does Regenerator do it?

Regenerator: There is no specific formula, just making music from our hearts (mind and body not excluded) - Being true to ourselves.

Orphen: What message are you trying to send out to your fans?

Regenerator: There are several, but one of the most important messages is in one of our new songs on WAR _ "Shores of Forever" - "Life is nothing without love". Some might think this a cheesy 60's cliché, but it remains a truth that can't be denied. Nothing would exist without it.

Orphen: What subjects interest you lyrically?

Regenerator: I (Wrex) like to look human hardship in the face and challenge it, hopefully overcoming it. It's really personal therapy in dealing with living, and this way I have no fear. I hope I can pass some of this strength on as a result.  

Orphen: Where do you see Regenerator in Five years?

Regenerator: Let's talk again then. We have alot of plans and dreams. Only time will tell.  

Orphen: What major musical influences would you say contributed to the music you produce.

Regenerator: There truly are too many to mention. Of course all the people who remix us influence us. This unity creates a wonderful artistic web. We have many favorite artist who influence us, not only limited to specific genres.  

Orphen: In closing any things you would like to say to your fans and future fans? Regenerator: Listen...

Orphen: where do you want me to send fans that want to purchase your album?

Regenerator: www.wtIIrecords.com & www.alfa-matrix.com

Orphen: Thank you :)

Regenerator: thank you too! :) Patrice Synthea and Wrex Mock