in each of us behind the face this enemy of our race

disorder lurks inside the eyes an ancient demon crucifies


in all of us beneath the crust a secret war of our lust

the will weakens to wicked thought submit to evil and we all rot


my dear friend you must be doing that evil again

i can smell you from here hot wax hot metal and cold wet skin

shame shame shame you took a gamble now youÕre losing the game

i can see you from here black eyes black ego and white cross frame

and as the days drip by i never wonder Ôcause i know why

if the drug donÕt break ya then the virus will take ya

my dear friend does it feel good to have the devil inside

sin sin sin heÕs on your back and itÕs a hell of a ride


once upon a time we were all innocent

children beneath the sun all of us heaven sent

now things are different weÕre lost within the night

iÕll pray my fallen friend somehow youÕll find the light

and if thine eye offends thee thou must pluck it out

and if thy handÕs against me sever without a doubt

here the end of time all lies are made of stone

how can you lift one when you are all alone


no time for love no time to pray

i work all night just to survive i work all day to stay alive

to be innocent to be ignorant

to be young once more thatÕs what iÕm living for

work work

my life is just a memory

work work

my life is just a memory

day in day out so this is what itÕs all about

he who sets the highest goal the same one digs the deepest hole

by the sweat of my brow by the skin of my hands

from the sin of my brain the full extent of my pain


thereÕs so much anger in the world today itÕs someone special who can take me away

fulfill my pleasures and my wildest dreams my mind and body taken to extremes

i feel good i feel high you lift me up into the sky

i feel life i feel love because youÕre the one iÕm thinkingof

iÕll be with you right through the end a thousand angels may descend

no flood nor fire break us apart for only you shall have my heart

thereÕs so much energy i canÕt contain our skin touches and i go insane

i feel your arms wrap around my soul then youÕre inside and iÕm finally whole


tief in meinem herz ist ein unbehagen aber vielleicht habe ich gar kein herz

Vielleicht ist das alles ein programm In wirklichkeit bin ich in einer maschine

aber das unbehagen ist noch da fri§t an meinen sinnen

doch es geht noch weiter der unbehagen wird immer stŠrker

fŸhle meinen schmerz ich bin hier gott

ich gehe tief in mich hinein ich sehe durch die himmel

ich finde alles zum Ÿberleben ich werde der matrix durch den tod entkommen


backwards floating backwards see everything and nothing at all

rewind to point zero turn off the lies tear down the wall

backwards floating backwards not then or next thereÕs only now

reverse human reason pure is the child here is the tao

faith faith itÕs against the will a river running uphill

backwards floating backwards pure is the child here is the tao

hope hope itÕs against the will a river running uphill

love love itÕs against the will a river running uphill


oh i can see i see the promised land for you and for me beyond the desert sand

please donÕt look back the horn of david calls no look ahead unto the hallowed halls of love

oh i can hear the horn of david sing nations all kneel before the perfect king

the horn of david calls the horn of david sings


now every mountain laid flat now every valley raised high i bring an ocean of blood what isnÕt sacred will die all those who say they are god and them who live for a lie i am the crusher here i come but if youÕve heard my voice if you are standing clear for me youÕve made the choice our love will persevere


when iÕm not walking with you i feel the sun god iÕm in a desert of doom i hope it rains soon itÕs getting hotter down here weÕve got no ozone i know that this much is clear donÕt need no cell phone and all the worldÕs a wonder what have we come to now i can hear the thunder i taste a strange brew held in the fingers of malice the tools of dark art hey come and live in my palace just hand me your heart i know my destiny is what i choose to be nothing is certain behind the curtain