shadows cast by subtle lies shameless in the morning light

shining false humility shedding fear 'til someone cries

system of conspiracy system inside theory

system is the mystery system doesn't care for me

killing glorious creation chaos permeates the nation

cleverly appearing as some christian exhaltation

jackals are surrounding me germinating soul disease

junta of the evil procure judgement irrevocably


strapped when your belly's empty it's tempting to beg

you need the faith of the priests and the love of the kings

cash is tough to come by in the final hour

here the wisdom of the ancients and the patience of the saints

strapped! we're all strapped!

bound by the master whip against the slave

without the hope of the elders or the knowledge of the seers

resist the mark of madness from the roman power

see the vision of the prophets and the insight of the sages


vice controlled me like an automaton

its promises lurking on until the dawn

i feel it in me surging through me deep inside me the current flow

this dream destroyed ending all delusion

face to face with ultimate decision

offered to me on the wings of a dove

true ecstacy visitation of love


decay desecration the crisis kisses this generation

transformer transform the earth

transformer transform rebirth

disease disaster planet assassin gold is your master

desire destruction repaying lust with tribulation

i need oceans i need trees i need birds i need bees

i need soil i need to breathe i need mother i'm on my knees


we saw them laughing with lion's teeth

their greed outstretched stripping the poor

laughing at the poor

we shall testify

we saw them lying with demons eyes

fat bodies swollen inside the whore

lying with the whore

testify of what is true testify of what is you


tiny frail body scarred by flames of war and pestilence

still the child's eyes sustain sparks of hope and innocence

tomorrow no tears no sorrow no fears

one more baby shivers in the shadows of a darkened room

bruised and battered but keeps praying love is coming her way soon

all the children on this island suffer from that mortal pain

everyone awaits the birth of promises eternal made


sordid emotion lusty rage selfish sinner in the new age

everyone follow everyone fooled everyone hollow everyone ruled

sinister fashion ego to blame beautiful body scarred in shame


addict seeks the absence fix from fallen angel

veins of demon semen worshipping the vial

pushing for the apex slamming down the temple

chemical kills conscience viper's venom hides the need for the

alpha omega man with the regeneration plan

earth amidst the evil raped by azazel

cancer spreading clergy lust injects denial

praying to the vortex screams beneath the altar

capital corruption mock messiahs hide the need for the