i feel safe in your care heart to heart love is fair touch my faith make me pure i am yours so secure

one chance to take one hope to stake one gift to give one life to live

cursed to wear wounds which cannot heal cursed to taste death and break the seal

blessed to bind darkness up forever blessed to bring a day whose end is never

i think straight in your bond mind to mind truth is strong hold my dream make me wise i am your's no surprise


as i watch the sun slowly disappear i see the sons of adam given up to fear

now i can feel the last light on my face there is no more love and no more grace

she has taken you almost all the way in her grand design she has made you play

so she mocks the bride with her social game rubbing wealth on you but you'll die the same

she's a megawhore and she's so hardcore she will take you down and in blood you'll drown

with her roman nose and her goddess hair got the devil's eyes to catch us in his snare

beware her fuck me lips in seductive smile resist her fuck me hips cuz she's a necrophile


i can feel the chains wrapped around a barren void i can hear no sound

except my heartbeat burning my soul the sky is dark like an endless hole

i feel so low empty inside i feel the maggots eating my hide

i feel lonely nothing to love separated from the one above

this is our pitfall time for the recall this is our last day time for the new way

i can feel the bars of this cage cold steel don't contain my rage

the enemy lies within the slave past due for a shallow grave


like lions like horses like doves these forces

we meet tonight forever deep in the secret well in ecstacy we hover our hearts of fury swell

i feel the love rush through my veins our bodies wet in summer rains

deep in your eyes iÕm falling on and on and on and on

like storms like rivers like snow these shivers

we share the sacred action like one inside a mirror in climax adoration our minds an atmosphere


did you have to lie give into hate did you have to die nothing your fate

so you forgot to cry or not enough so you forgot to try hell life is tough

i can see the light i can see the day

did you have to steal give us the curse did you have to kill nothing is worse

so you forgot to feel except the pain so you forgot to heal death in your vein

did you have to take give up the fight did you have to break nothing to bite

so you forgot to pray push came to shove so you forgot the way where is the love


the shifting shadow upon the wall some circumstance defying all

this messenger from outer space corrupting human interface

he offers order thru poetry our channels beam philosophy

he renders chaos thru theory our circuits gleam technology

lightbringer just brings you death soulseeker just seeks your breath

the phasing phantom inside the glass some situation for the mass

this voyager from inner sky distorting truth to terrify


now is like before as water turns to blood an angel on the shore canÕt save you from the flood

now is like before as locusts fill the land an angel at your door canÕt keep you from the brand

itÕs not a nightmare the signs are everywhere why canÕt you see this is our reality

now is like before as stars fall from the sky an angel in the war canÕt shield you from the eye


as you march off to war with a mind for the grave craving creatures to score telling lies that you're brave

for my head on the wall you are killing us all such an impotent man with a gun in your hand

flesh versus steel

what a powerful boy on a massacre trip oh how mighty your toy and so stiff is your lip

top the mountain of greed please the demons and seed with a skull of each type every species you snipe

see your heart's become black you are beelzebub's tool tasting torture like smack king of maggot and fool

so much lust in your eye streams of blood on your tongue how the hunt gets you high here's your victory sung:

"i am death seeking life your extinction my plan i sell fur to my wife i feed hate to my clan"

but when all's said and done and the names are revealed we shall live in the son except you who have killed

thinking you've won the race no more victims to chase do you think he'll approve when your seal is removed


so many gods up on the mountain cut out our restless hearts searching to find their parts

father mother sister brother itÕs mind control

rivers of gold from mythic fountains subtle the serpent winds through all our empty minds


this parasite this enemy is satan's way of killing me beneath the bone inside the brain can't help the thought can't stop the pain

i shake and twitch out of control reducing life it's only goal give me ideas i go insane something to fear some force arcane

it lives It lives inside my head it eats it eats away my soul it sucks it sucks upon my veins it takes it takes apart control

this sycophant this philistine maybe a test to make me clean under the skulL enter the mind here is the id i quarantine

some part of me just wants to die the gift of lust i must deny give me the sword will i prevail something to love some holy grail


some give some take we all make the big mistake you can change rearrange but you canÕt avoid the wake

somewhere off in the distance thereÕs a shimmering light burning through the night

some love some hate we all lose the big debate you can lie justify but you canÕt escape the fate somewhere


am i asleep and dreaming or is this hyperreal twist of imagination infinity that i can feel

sailing on a violet sea floating through fantasy shimmering in the midnight sun two for a time are one

am i adrift and floating or is this perfect beat glimpse of the resurrection energy beneath my feet


in your breath i feel the life stolen time before the end in your eyes i see the light fading fast like soft stars

in my arms i hold the night forget your fear i am here as she grows cold my thoughts are bright i hold the night i hold the night

bright itÕs a better way how the sun does shine and the children play

blood on my hands dust on my heart ash on my head iÕm torn apart

bright here i wish to stay now this dream is mine night becomes day

for basia


when there is nowhere left to turn when your whole life begins to burn

when all your hopes come caving in when there is nothing left to win

grace conquers hate grace conquers sin grace conquers death

when thereÕs no hiding from the swarm when your belief dies in the storm

when all your dreams come crashing down when thereÕs no way to reach the crown