although i know my body is a temple every now and then itÕs so existential

come spirit fight the natural man itÕs a battle but itÕs part of the plan

in my head in my heart in my soul feel my body going out of control

itÕs a cruel age itÕs sacrilege

everywhere i look is temptation someone wants to take away redemption

come spirit make my weapons real strong itÕs a battle but itÕs part of the song


we could climb mighty mountains we could eat of the fruitful trees

we could bathe by flowing fountains we could dry in the warmest breeze

our vision our hope our dream our mission our scope our scheme

we could play with cheerful children we could soar as the royal birds

we could grow the greenest garden we could roam like the wild herds

we could live as loyal lovers we could dance with butterflies

we could pray by raging rivers we could dream under starry skies


in a dream in a trance not a prayer not a chance

slipping sliding into nothing lifeless ocean empty hall

darkness forms the chain of treason fortresses of logic fall

far below the wave of conscience here is where false prophets dwell

directed by the evil eye the coil casts its wicked spell

never closer never more never lasting never one

where art thou now

zero zone

material magician rises coaxing signs from heavenÕs well

the witness of the process pleases any fools whom worship hell

the red madonna hates her child exalting him as morning star the traitorÕs sale

the holy veil the dragon holds its thieveÕs bazaar today


today the deeds youÕve done are in your marrow

today the price you pay for what you borrow

today leave behind all your sorrow

today nowÕs the time not tomorrow

today i can see invisible iÕm dreaming

today i can feel untouchable iÕm drowning

today i can hear the beat of your heart iÕm dancing

today i will know eternity iÕm dying

today the earth is crying prophecies are now for real

today this man is calling you to understand his will

today the stars are falling smoke is rising from the shale

today i see a new earth love eternal will prevail


skin and bone the man of sin is so alone

tooth and nail assassination and betrayal

face to face like the star that fell from grace

eye to eye illuminati mystic lie

in the hour of the archetype fight the power of the antichrist

blood and soul feel the force of his control

mind and brain in a system gone insane

head to head you can smell the living dead

back to back who will shatter his attack

archetype antichrist

in the belly of the beast there is no peace


deception distraction cleverly dogmatized to keep us hypnotized

seven circuit of perfection millennium seven network of affection millennium

sedition suppression completely synthesized they must be neutralized

rejection reaction profanely realized to make us mechanized

possession perdition totally polarized they will be vaporized


you used to be so gentle never chasing trouble taking care of me

i used to be so happy never fearing danger now i run from thee

you and i share the breath of life you and i back to paradise

you listened to the devil trading vice for virtue raising knives to me

i wait on for the promise slave of violation wanting love from thee


standing in the city as the fire burns my brother hooked on hate in sin irate

my tears form a river to the ocean full of lies quenching cries and so i wait

accepting fate

blood our blood we all have blood and it is red

life our life we all have life and then weÕre dead

running through the graveyard while the worms do their duty see my skin no life therein

my mind finds the spirit of existence each the same weÕre all to blame so full of sin

like heroin

flying by the dreamscape may the angels guide my vision save my soul regain control

my future in the presence of the master full of love required blood death takes its toll

only one goal


i bow my head to the sacred one here is my flesh here is my blood

mind open to the only son purified by fire on flood

you put an end to the mystery behold a life shed in innocence

iÕm overwhelmed by your love for me sacrifice in the highest sense

over will love must be ocean still heart set free

your promise come your will be done woe unto them who destroy the earth

darkness flees where the light has won tears will fall until the second birth

the dead will rise the blind will see nothing but grace can vanquish guilt

the door is open to eternity the law of truth love over will


if only i believe my faith will disappear

so what if i agree my hope gives into fear

this pit of tragedyhollow and desolate

one path to harmony perfect and infinite

i want to fly the arc of the angels

i want to feel

i want to eye the ancient of ages

i want to see

if only i concede mislead by mystery

so what if i allow lies eat my sanity

this trap of misery empty and violent

one way to ecstacy naked and innocent