the sons of light shall be undertaken against the forces of the sons of darkness, the army of belial. on that day, the congregation of the gods and the congregation of men shall engage one another resulting in great carnage. in three lots the sons of light shall stand firm, so as to strike a blow at wickedness. and also in three, the army of belial shall edify themselves so as to impel the retreat of the forces of light. and when the banners of the infantry cause their hearts to melt, then the power of the almighty shall strengthen the sons of light. in the seventh lot, the great hand of god shall overcome belial and every angel in his dominion. and all the men of his forces shall be destroyed forever.

from the essene "war scroll"


no more war in heaven black hole heart immortal this earth a battleground all humankind a portal

blood ocean cry of martyrs rain forest tragedy weapon of mass destruction fulfilling prophecy

flocks of unholy angels deliver destiny whose hearts are wholly evil beyond infinity

hell isn't half as fun as it's cracked up to be there is no afterlife where death means eternity


if i could start to shape your heart if i could chance to change your mind

we would attempt to discover that life is nothing without love

we're standing on the shores of forever where stars are shining brighter than before

and peace is the prince of the moment our hearts are so weary from the war

look deep inside for what is golden then seek to turn the other cheek

desire never moved a mountain this world is not worth fighting for


not a day goes by that i don't seek you every time i turn around i'm looking for a sign

my world is disintegrating slipping through my hands and nothing that i do will help because i am just a man

prophets and policemen screaming god is on my side

murderers and thieves pleading god is on my side

priests and politicians stating god is on my side

if all of this is true then how come god is on my side

carnivorous corruption is rampant in the streets misery through molestation of our children's hearts

what happened to our grandfathers is happening again but this time it is worse because there are so many men


have you once stopped to wonder why all this suffering

what has each man or child done to deserve this thing

maybe the truth is nothing maybe we're all the same

for every crime committed we all must take the blame

there is a new day dawning when our hope fills the skies

legions of love surrender unto our children's eyes

take me because i am ready take me where i belong

take me into forever take me away from wrong

some think the grass is greener that's life for heaven's sake

truth is we share existence what difference does it make

in memory of martin, who spoke of hope though he was without


my heart is burning like a fire all fires reach up to the sky

clouds flow in ever changing motions fire tests the motives of faith

if you have faith then you must feel if you have faith then you can see

faith is the trust that lives within the soul faith is to heal faith makes us whole

my heart is bleeding like a fountain all fountains lead into the sea

oceans share ever changing currents blood is the currency of faith


i swim beneath the waters unseen yet i control shapeless but with a purpose to conquer everyone

inside of your religion running your government behind your neighbors eyes within your mother's home

i fly upon the airwaves hidden though i prevail covered by mystery to rape and burn your soul

the master of your army ruler of all the world coiled around your cities surrounding every town

blink when your guard is down

blink and your fight is done

blink then you've dropped the crown

blink because you've lost the sun

i live to bring confusion against the current flow i choose your king and queen deciding friend and foe

i send you to destruction scattering seeds you sow you lose in everything by me the earth is woe


i have you where i want you you're living under my command

i have you where i want you my power lies and will expand

come now into my splendor you believe i know the way

at any cost you will surrender my order aims to seize the day

i have you where i want you no matter where you turn and stand

i have you where i want you my order aims to take your land

nearly two thousand years since i took the one who gave you hope

in his name i have become prince my power lies beyond all scope

this world belongs to me i swear to set you free

this world is my domain i swear to bring you reign

i have you where i want you i have you where i want you

i have you where i want you i have you where i want you


when we were young when love was new i spoke in tongue reached out to you

call me a knave i couldn't know thought i was brave my blood would flow

bombs away you set my soul on fire bombs away you are my one desire

bombs away your love's a funeral pyre bombs away you're nothing but a liar

when i was yours when lies were true i felt the force one of the few

call me the proud i couldn't see thought i was loud my fate was free


if i offered religion you'd have a reason to kill if i carried you riches you'd have a reason to kneel

the wisdom of this world broken all the evidence is in imminent destruction spoken by the wages of our sin

we're going nowhere at the speed of light heading to nowhere faster than light

if i carried you water you'd have a reason to spill if i offered you nothing you'd have a reason to steal


you me where do we fit in cast down but not cast away

our throats have been cut our wings destroyed nothing matters anymore except today

my sin spread before you like all the space between us

where you could travel far never reach the end

hey love this is a wasteland hey love we're in a wasteland

us them wanting something more now tears here comes the flood

the situation darkens with every breath nothing satisfies like the taste of blood

please hear and believe me i never meant to hurt you

sometimes one gets confused forgetting what is sacred


i could change would purify take us back to paradise

before our hate when death began the birth of pain and sacrifice

but who am i a lonely voice where rainbows end eternal choice

the blood is red the light is white the heart is black the dream is bright


there's an army on the dance floor it's a fashion with a gun my love

in a room without a door a kiss is not enough in

love my way it's a new road i follow where my mind goes

they put us on a railroad they dearly make us pay

for laughing in their faces and making it our way

there's emptiness behind their eyes dust in all their hearts

they just want to steal us all and take us all apart but not in

so swallow all your tears my love and put on your new face

you can never win or lose if you don't run the race yeah, yeah, yeaH

by the psychedelic furs ©blackwood music inc [bmi]