WESTZEIT Magazine, October 95, Germany

"2.0", the second album of Regenerator, rises above the flood of garbage of new c.d. titles. Avant Garde sounds meet Ms. Synthea's very beautiful voice. This is a compact unit of many pearls.

MD Magazine, Germany

The second recording of the exceptional American "electronikers" Regenerator, can now be found in the stores. Luckily, the twelve songs did not turn out as short as the title (2.0). Compared to the first album, it is clear that the band is now more developed and smarter.

But even with new horizons, Patrice, Wrex, and Gear have not lost their legendary genius, of which already convinced us on the first album. Even Daniel B. of Front 242 agreed to remix "Everyone Follow". There are also songs on "2.0" which could become such classics - such "Archetype", also available as a maxi. Give special attention to "Vision", "Zero Zone", and "Torque". "You and I" will stick in your ear, while being a little melancholy and romantic."2.0" is a good follow up to the debut album. One thing is certain with their second album: Regenerator has entered the league of very big electro-bands.

AETERNA Magazine, October 95, Germany

The debut from Regenerator stood out from a huge pile of electronic soundware like a shining star.

With the new disk, the first difference is that Wrex Mock scrapped his guitar and is going electronic only. Secondly, Patrice's magical voice has been developed even more. The contrast between Wrex's distorted vocals and Patrice's crystal clear voice contributes heavily to the charm of the band.

On the first album some songs were "flatter" than others, but on "2.0" all twelve pieces are on a consistent high level.

This is atmospheric, danceable, and very pleasant electro music. Thus I must follow the call to "join the Regeneration Nation".

TORMENTOR Magazine, Germany

"2.0" is the second album of the American electro-pop trio Regenerator. Patrice's undistorted voice is unusual for electro music, and is competing with Wrex Mock's distorted vocals. Next to pop-pieces there are also experimental songs, loosely related to Snog and This Digital Ocean. The strong moments of the c.d. are the pop songs, like "Vision" or "You and I".

For all electro fans with an expanded horizon (except for super hardcore EBM fans). THIS C.D. IS A MUST!